Member Resources

In order to manage our Club's resources wisely, our members are asked to sign up for Work Hours in advance.  Since all Members are required to perform work hours, the link below will allow you to pick exactly how you would like to volunteer.  First come, first serve! 

Work Hours Sign Up

The Club will send out email and/or text notifications in the event of unplanned or weather related closures as well as event reminders.  Make sure your information is up to date each year!

Notification System

As a courtesy to our members, we provide a membership listing of all of our families and their children's names.  That way you can get in touch with new friends you or your children have made at Hickory Hill!

Membership Listing

For Our Members

This area is password protected due to the nature of the information available to our members only.

If you need any help with any of the information on this page please contact us at

Spread the Word

Our most powerful way to bring in new members is by word of mouth.  Tell your friends, neighbors and even your kids' friends about the wonderful experiences at Hickory Hill.

Use this mini flyer to share with your friends all the club has to offer.

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Club Documents

Our Club's operating Rules & Regulations can change over the years.  The link below is the most up-to-date document. 

Rules & Regulations
The original by-laws of the Club were drafted in 1959.  Since then, updates have been made, but updates to by-laws are made less frequently than to Rules & Regulations. 


View the minutes from Club Board Mettings.

Meeting Minutes

View the state of the club presentation.

State Of the Club